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Hallo AR’s diary, apa kabar :D
Udah lama banget ga ngurusin ini blog, kangen bangeet :*

Postingan kali ini aku buat special untuk temenku :D 
(I created this post special for my friend Aimee from England :D)

Check this out!!
This’s alphabet in Hangul (Korean language):
Consonant: /(b/p), /(ch/j), /(d/t), /(g/k), (h), (l/r), (m), (n), (s) , then..

You can add  before vowels: (a), (i), (u), (e), (o), (eo), (ae), (eu), (ya), (yu), (ye), (yo), (yeo), (yae)
Examples: (a), (i), (u), (e), (o), (eo), (ae), (eu), (ya), (yu), (ye), (yo), (yeo), (yae)

But if initial letter use consonant, you not addexamples: (ba), (ja), (ma), (ru), (jyeo), (deo), (neo), (ra), (ssi), etc
And what’s more, for this »« it can be “NG” if it’s in last of word
Examples: (hyuNG), (jjaNG), (kaNG) etc

Are you understand?
I’m sorry cause my English so bad keke~

There are some Korean language, you can use daily:
감사함니다 (kamsahamnida) : thankyou
사랑함니다 (saranghamnida) : I love you
정말 (jeongmal) : really
미안해 (mianhae) : I’m sorry
엄마 (eomma) : mom
아빠 (appa) : dad
언니 (eonni) :  sister- youger sister to elder sister
누나 (noona) : sister- younger brother to elder sister
(hyung) : brother- younger brother to elder brother
오빠 (oppa) : brother- younger sister to elder brother
친구 (chingu) : friend

Sekian postingan kali ini..
Semoga bermanfaat ;)

#Salam AR!

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